SUNKO focuses on the changing of climate in the world and specializes in developing clean solar energy products. At present, we had developed curved and flat solar tiles integrated with houses and buildings, which can not only provide beautiful decoration, and save the cost of old general tiles, but also can generate electricity to achieve self-sufficiency in green and clean energy.
Equipped with solar battery, inverter and graphene electric heating film. SUNKO has developed a complete set of household solar energy storage and heating system, which can meet the daily electricity consumption of the family and the room heating for free, only same as the cost of the ordinary tiles. Moreover, If there is extra electricity power, it can also be sold on the grid.

SUNKO has a complete and professional production workshop in China, has fully automatic production equipment, and manages according to the ISO 9001 quality system to ensure product quality. We have an experienced R&D team that can develop different kinds of solar products. We always insist on endless improvement and most excellence , and pursuit of zero quality defects.

SUNKO provides the world with low-carbon clean energy, provides free electricity and heating for family, it is time to say goodbye to the expensive Natural Gas and polluting Coal electricity and dangerous Nuclear electricity.

Cultural Interpretation
Build a century old shop with a long history and realize the social value of the new standard enterprise group.

Enterprise philosophy: "being honest, cooperative and good at learning; doing things conscientiously, innovatively and pursuing excellence"